Officers and Board


Executive Committee Members
President - Robert Hartley- [email protected]
1st VP - Anne Hutchinson- [email protected]
2nd VP - Joby Priest- [email protected]
Dennis Harris- [email protected]
Andrea Rego- [email protected]     


Board of Directors
Annette McCloskey- [email protected]
Trevor Higgins- [email protected]
Gary Webb- [email protected]
Teresa Adkins- [email protected]
Les Zadina- [email protected]
Stacey Lyle- [email protected]
Klaus Kielnhofer- [email protected]


Past Presidents
BF Yeates[email protected]
Dennis Sigler-[email protected]
Thomas Fuller-[email protected]
Joby Priest-[email protected]

ASHA Affiliate Representatives
Annette McCloskey- Region 1
Trevor Higgins- Region 2
Gary Webb- Region 3
Teresa Adkins- Region 4
Les Zadina- Region 5
Stacey Lyle-  Region 6
Klaus Kielnhofer- Region 7